More than 10 years of establishment and development, Namsan group has been being listed as the top leading Vietnam's airlines and reaching out to the world, we always understand that people are the decisive factor for the success and development of our company. At Namsan, your careers will be developed with our continued growth.
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Training programs help employees develop and achieve career goals

We concept that human resources training and development is an investment strategy for the future success of the company. Therefore, working as an employee of Namsan, you will have the opportunity to complete the skills and knowledge to meet the requirements and challenges of the job. Training courses for skill and expert as well as practical training sessions which we organize regularly both at home and abroad.

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deserve salary and regime

We believe that employees are Namsan's most valuable asset, so we consider that salaries also are the most effective investment. Therefore, when working in Namsan, you will receive a commensurate salary with its capabilities and compete with the market.

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Many new job opportunities together with the continuous development of namsan

Namsan has been developing in the field of airline and reaching out to the world. However, we always have ambitions to more and more growth in the future. During that development and expansion, many new jobs will be created, you will have the opportunity to try new roles and challenges. It also helps to arouse your latent energy and creativity.

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A culture of work inspiration and creativity

Our value and success depend a lot on your creativity and an interest in your work. Therefore, we always strive to create not only a professional but also an equally friendly and open working environment so that each individual employee can freely develop their creativity and unleash their own potential, and then, from there they can make their differences.

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